Apple Dylan Technology Release - PowerMac & 68K version

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Publisher: Apple Computer, Inc.
Content Area: Languages & Environments
Special Category: New!
System Requirements
RAM: 20 MB
System Processor: Any PowerMac  
Operating System: 7.5  

Apple Dylan Technology Release Package (CD & Manuals) -PowerMac & 68K version

The PPC Apple Dylan Technology Release is a PowerPC native prototype version of a development environment for the Macintosh platform based on an Object Oriented Dynamic Language (OODL) called Dylan. The goal of this release is to provide developers, in particular in higher education as well as early technology adopters and programming enthusiasts, with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Dylan as a language as well as PPC Apple Dylan as a development experience.

The goal of the Dylan language is to support a high level of programmer productivity, while still allowing the efficient delivery of applications and libraries.

The Dylan language is consistently object-oriented. It is not based on a particular previously-existing procedural language with some kind of object-oriented extension.

The PPC Apple Dylan Technology Release is based on MCL (Macintosh Common Lisp). Although Apple does not have plans to provide future versions of the PPC Apple Dylan Technology Release based on MCL, Apple continues to explore ways to support Dylan. Apple will continue to work with the other Dylan partners to assure they have the ability to advance the Dylan programming language.
- Automatic memory management, incremental development environment, advanced browsing and editing capabilities.
- High level exception handling & error recovery mechanism, compile time and run time checking.
- Clean and readable code, built-in module system for organizing code into logical parts.
- Language with a familiar and consistent syntax, interacts seamlessly with C code and existing APIs.
- Incremental compiler--allows changes to code in a running program and see the results right away. No more waiting for a edit, compile, link, execute, debug cycle.
Apple Dylan Technology Release (CD Only) -PowerMac & 68K version

The CD version of this release includes the PowerPC native prototype version of the Dylan development environment, as well as all the documentation in electronic format.

Special Notes
Additional Requirements:
- 14 MB RAM with virtual memory on.

- Development environment runs best on Power Macintosh; applications run native on 68K and Power Macintosh.

- PPC Apple Dylan has been tested on System 7.5.3 of the Mac OS.

- Actual memory usage varies with the different operations, e.g. more memory required for compiling project or creating a library than to use a library of the same size. When using an interface builder, start at 4mb and work up or down from there.

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